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Advice for Members

Information, tips, discussion papers and how to’s for teachers from OECTA’s point of view.

Accommodation is Your Right (OECTA Publication)

Combined Grades In Ontario Schools (OECTA Publication)

Combined Grades; A Discussion Paper (OECTA Publication)

Solidarity Week – How to Organize Solidarity and Social Justice Events (OECTA Publicaiton)

You’ll find much more information and resources in the OECTA Members’ Centre including the following.


NEW! Quick Tips for Managing Stress

Association Roles and Responsibilities for Department Heads

Beginning Teachers Handbook

On Thin Ice: Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Communication Handbook: A Guide for Units

Communication Newsletter

Consider the Cost: OECTA’s Election Readiness Plan

Education Advocacy: A How To Guide

Electronic Communications; Appropriate and Professional Use

OECTA Association Representative Handbook

OECTA Member Handbook

OECTA Scholarships, Fellowships, Bursaries

Positive, Professional Parent Teacher Relationships

Pregnancy and Parental Leave

Relationships: Appropriate and Professional

Reporting Abuse

Steps to Take: If You Have a Concern About a Teacher

Steps to Take: If a Complaint is Filed Against You